The striking beauty and worry-free growing of the Calliope Hybrid Geranium make it the ideal plant for every gardener and every garden.

Key Features of Calliope
Blooms All Summer. Guaranteed!

Heat- and drought-tolerant

Quickly fills areas with beautiful, deep, vibrant red flowers

Perfect in hanging baskets, patio containers, garden beds and in the landscape

Little maintenance required

Your Calliope Hybrid Geranium represents a breakthrough in floral genetics, an innovation 14 years in the making. Bred to provide dynamic, living color all summer long, this premium geranium is drought tolerant, versatile and easy to care for.

By crossing various species of ivy geraniums (most commonly used in hanging baskets) and zonal geraniums (most commonly found in pots), Syngenta Flowers has bred the best features of both varieties into a single series of geranium.

A beautiful garden has never been easier to grow.

This one-of-a-kind geranium adds life and color, and boasts exceptional heat tolerance to last through those summer scorchers. Calliope has a vigorous, mounding to semi-trailing plant habit that will quickly fill your hanging baskets, patio planters and garden beds with deep, velvet red color, thriving in full sun or part shade.

Easy to care for
Water your Calliope when dry and occasionally provide plant food. That is all you need to do to add continuous beauty and vibrant color to your outdoor living area. With this easy care, Calliope will Bloom All Summer. Guaranteed!

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